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Art Room

The Art room at St. Gerald’s is situated on the first floor. The room offers the space for students to express their artistic creativity during class. The use of ICT and artistic techniques can be enjoyed by all students in the college.


Biology Room

The Biology room is contained in the Science block of the College. This room was established with the school extension in the 90’s. It offers students the opportunity to interact with experimental work, models, ICT and a vibrant classroom environment in which to learn.


Chemistry Room

The chemistry room is fully equipped to the highest standards with regard to current health and safety regulations.


Construction Studies / Materials Technology Wood Room

The Construction Studies/Materials Technology Wood room has been recently modernised up to health and safety standards. The room is fully equipped with all machines, power tools and hand processing equipment required for project work at Junior and Senior cycle. All equipment has dust extraction centrally or mobile extraction and an air filtration system to clean the air. All of which leads to the best advantage to those students taking this subject in St. Gerald’s.


De La Salle Sports Hall

St Gerald’s boosts a fully equipped Sports Hall where Physical Education classes for all students take place each day. Contained in the hall is a full size basketball court, handball alley, changing rooms and some auxiliary rooms. Beside the hall is the school pitch for all outdoor activities during the year.


Demonstration Room

The Demonstration Room is adjoining the science Department rooms. The room contains tiered seating so as to give every student the best view of the demonstration or talk that is on hand. The teacher has a full set of science equipment at the top of the room to carry out the essential science experiments for all subjects at Junior or Leaving Certificate.


Design & Communication Graphics / Technical Graphics Room

Which has been modernised in 2007/08 for the implementation of the new Leaving Certificate drawing course (Design and Communication Graphics). Every student has their own individual work space which includes drawing board, T-square and computer.


Geography Room

The geography room is fully equipped to cater for all aspects of both the junior and senior curriculum in this subject.


ICT Room

The ICT Room was modernised in May 2008 with the installation of 30 new desktop computers. All student computers are installed with the latest software and all classrooms in the school have broadband access. Students can also use the Computer Room facilities at lunchtime.


Language Lab

The language lab is fully equipped with each student having their own station with headphones.


Music Room

St. Gerald’s College has its own dedicated music room, which is equipped with a range of musical instruments. All musical talents are encouraged and developed.


Physics Room

The physics room is fully equipped to the highest standards with regard to current health and safety regulations.


Technology Room

The Technology room has all the appliances and machinery, including a Vacuum Former, which you would expect in a modern Technology workshop. The room has been recently refitted to cater for the new senior cycle Technology subjects and to comply to health and safety standards.

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