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School Policies

Written by St Geralds College

St Gerald's College School Policies

  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Anti-bullying policy
  3. Assessment Policy
  4. Attendance Policy
  5. CCTV Policy
  6. Child Protection Policy
  7. Code of Behaviour
  8. Data Protection Policy
  9. Garda Vetting
  10. Homework Policy
  11. Literacy Policy
  12. Le Chéile Charter
  13. Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy
  14. RSE Parents' Leaflet
  15. Safe Use of Machinery Policy
  16. School Self-evaluation Report
  17. School Improvement Plan
  18. Special Educational Needs Policy
  19. Student Affirmation Policy
  20. Student Affirmation Poster
  21. Student Council Constitution
  22. Summary Sanctions Policy
  23. Summary Sanctions Poster
  24. Suspensions and Expulsions Policy
Last Updated on Sep292017