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Healthy Living

Written by St Geralds College

foodpyramidFood and Drink are an essential part of our daily lives. They play a fundamental role in the development of the human being. Making the right choices to support our nutritional requirements satisfies our physiological needs and ultimately contributes to our mental and emotional development. What we eat and drink is directly related to our state of health.

Adolescence is a time for developing the skills to make informed choices and decisions throughout life. What we eat and drink is one such choice. Young people need to be aware of the importance of good nutrition for health in order to optimise their growth, health and developmental potential through their teenage years and beyond.

We at St Gerald’s College are developing a Healthy Eating and Active Living policy within the school as nutrition and physical activity levels of our students are seen as part of our duty of care. In the meantime, we hope that these links will assist both parents and students in making informed decisions about food choices and in keeping active. Students learn more about Healthy Eating in SPHE, Science, Diet and Nutrition in T.Y.and Biology. We have a number of posters displayed around the school advising our students on what comprises a healthy lunchbox. Each student is timetabled for P.E. each week as well as there being many school sporting teams that students can be part of. Our canteen offers hot nutritious dinners on a daily

St Gerald’s College encourages all students to choose a lifestyle that is active, healthy and meaningful. This will contribute to the preparation of the student for a life of autonomous wellbeing. Further links will be added in the weeks ahead.


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